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Work Philosophy

Cab service for tours and travels started more than a couple of decades ago. Since its inception there has been a severe disconnect between the expectations of the customers and that of the drivers or agencies that run these cabs. The advent of technology has only cured the availability/accessibility of the cab service, but the other areas like making the journey enjoyable, harmony in communication and the treatment that customers as well as drivers get had remained untouched. To meet this gap, it was crucial to understand the customers’ expectation as well as the driver’s expectation. A self-initiated research conducted by Mr. Vinayak Gawade and Mr. Hemant Vispute, led to identifying the root cause of this mismatch.

The disconnect is evident from the picture below:


Understanding the needs of both the groups, we act like a facilitator between the two. We ensure that the customer gets the best of facilities and peace of mind during their journey and the Saarthi’s get the necessary help, consideration and mentorship that they need to perform at their best level. We understand that drivers are skilled people. We appreciate and respect a person’s needs and pay attention to them. We build an environment that provides growth and satisfaction to the drivers. We review their performance and believe in motivating them rather than blaming them.