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The concept of Saarthi finds its roots in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. Lord Krishna was referred to as Saarthi – the charioteer who drove Arjuna – the greatest archerer – to SUCCESS. Saarthi resembles the thoughtful person who knows the journey of life and what’s right versus what’s not. He is also the one who treats the person he is driving with respect and in return gets respect. With this backdrop, we treat our drivers, not as mere drivers but we respectfully call them Saarthis – trustworthy, pragmatic and committed.


Saarthi Speaks

Hi there! I am your Saarthi –
your partner for a wonderful travel experience. Be it a visit to your home town or a sight-seeing vacation, you can completely rely on me for smooth, comfortable and a peaceful journey. I respect you for who you are and appreciate your purpose of the journey.


Here are a few things that I assure you:

    • I have the valid license with me for your journey.
    • The car and I, both are insured.
    • I am physically fit and mentally fresh for the journey I take.
    • I will not consume alcohol, tobacco or any other intoxication during the journey.
    • I maintain a proper hygiene for myself and the car.
    • I will not ask you for money during the journey.
    • I will do my best to make your journey a wonderful and peaceful experience.

To be able to serve you better, there are only a few points that I request from you:

    • I respect your time; hence I want you to reach in time. Please help me, by being in time at the pick-up point.
    • I respect the purpose of your visit. Please help me, by providing me with the information of the entire journey. It will help me in figuring out which route would be the best route for you. I appreciate that there might be some changes at the last minute; but keeping these to the minimum will help me in ensuring you reach your final destination in time and within the budget.
    • I respect your priorities. In case of multiple stop-over e.g. shopping at different places, etc., please let me know about the time you would return to the vehicle. This will help me to plan better.

… Because I respect you!!!