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Team Ivy

Mr. Vinayak Gawade

Methodical Strategist

A man of interesting conversations, Vinayak started his career with Vinayog Enterprises which was into tours & travels business. His genuineness and systematic approach made him understand problems from customer’s point of view and also understand the pain areas from driver’s point of view. He quickly built rapport with both the parties and addressed their issues. His strong focus on implementing processes and systems improved efficiencies in the organisation. As a Director at IVY Cars, Vinayak is responsible for operational excellence. He is also equipped with an unmatched politeness and flawless communication that makes him a role model for the employees. This has even won him the coveted Rotary Award for Professional Excellence. He says that “If you help people in building themselves to achieve their dreams, you would outgrow yourself and attract respect.”

Mr. Hemant Vispute

Courteous Listener

An avid music lover, Hemant is fond of observing people and understanding their expectations. His courteous communication combined with humility makes him connect with almost anybody. He is a great listener and can hear what is being said as well as what is intended to be said. His communication does not deviate from facts. As a Director at IVY Cars, Hemant ensures that a customer’s journey is as enjoyable as possible. He says “Every person is a good person. It is how you treat them, that makes all the difference. Respect attracts respect.”